Department of Polymer Science and Engineering

3 Molecular Design
This group carries out education and research directed toward functional and intelligent polymers from the points of view based on their molecular structure and molecular interaction. Emphasis is placed on molecular design, synthesis and characterization for functional polymers.
Controlled Polymer Synthesis Group
Biodegradable polymer group
Polymer synthesis and functionalization group
Photofunctional organic crystal group
Optoelectronic polymer nanomaterials group
Organic Electronics Group
Solid State Polymerization

2 Polymer Structures and Properties
This group studies the structural concepts of materials, and also the evaluation methods for coagulated states of molecules; it then expands the specialized concepts of polymers, accompanying the controls of their structures by thermodynamical, mechanical, or electromagnetic methods.
Magnetic Processing Research Group
Chemistry of Carbon Nanotubes
Polymer nano-structure group
Ultra-thin Organized Molecular Films and Solid-state Structure of Crystalline Polymers
Community of Food Rheology

1 Polymer Processing
This group carries out education and researches on the development of intellingent polymer materials on the macroscopic level, such as the rheology of polymers, technology of measure and CAE in the polymer processing, technology for high performances by blending and alloying polymers, and design of polymer structures to gain high strength.
Polymer alloy group
Characteristics on Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Polymer Precision Processing
Physical Chemistry of Polymer Gels
Group of Rheology
Computational Rheology Group