Katsuhiko Kanaizuka

Daisuke Yokoyama Address

Kojirakawa-machi 1-4-12, Yamagata

TEL +81-023-628-4856
E-mail kanaizuka[-at-]sci.yamagata-u.ac.jp
Post April 1, 2011-
Research Field Coordination chemistry, electrochemistry, photochemistry, surface chemistry
Key Words
metal complex, nanoarchitecture
Research Interests

[Construction of metal complex nanoarchitectures on substrates using bottom-up technique]

We have constructed functional devices that have unique structures using a layer-by-layer molecular fabrication method. The target thickness of functional films is 2-100 nm. The structures and physical properties of the devices have been measured.



The merit of nano-scale complex films is precise controls of thickness, structure, and functions of films in devices. The films must be suitable for novel solar cells, FETs, fuel cells, catalytic devices, and chemical sensors. We would like to have collaboration with many research groups in order to create novel useful devices.