Ryo Kawasaki

Daisuke Yokoyama Address

Department of Public Health, Yamagata University Faculty of Medicine 2-2-2 Iida-Nishi, Yamagata-shi, Yamagata 990-9585 Japan

TEL +81 23 628 5262
FAX +81 23 628 5261
E-mail ryok@med.id.yamagata-u.ac.jp
Post April 1, 2013-
Research Field Ophthalmology, Epidemiology, Public Health
Key Words
Preventive Medicine, Prevention of Blindness, Lifestyle related chronic diseases (Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, Metabolic syndrome), Retinal vascular research, Clinical Epidemiology
Research Interests
“Eye is a window to the whole body“- a classic notation reflecting vast potentials in the eye examination in prevention and prediction of life-threatening or sight-threatening diseases. We are conducting epidemiological research to identify preclinical signs of eye diseases and cardiovascular diseases through establishing quantitative and standardized assessment of retinal signs and retinal vasculature. Our research will be a bridging research between epidemiology and clinical research, or bridging between communities and epidemiological findings.
Our ongoing research projects include:
1) Epidemiology of blinding eye diseases: the Yamagata Cohort study data including the Funagata Study and the Takahata Study.
2) Clinical studies of surgical treatment on diabetic retinopathy.
3) Standardization and validation of diagnostic guideline for retinal signs, development of computer-assisted diagnostic system.
4) Cost-effective analysis for screening program and new clinical treatment modalities



“Think Globally, Act Locally.”This is my motto in conducting research. Although my research team is based in Yamagata, we keep up with researchers and epidemiological research world-wide to build a strong network fighting together against the emerging risk of blindness and cardiovascular disease worldwide.
My motive for preventive ophthalmology is developed through my experience as an ophthalmologist; advancement in treatment modalities does not always save people from blindness, and there should be something we can do by utilizing information what we already have in our hands… This passion made my career direction shifted towards preventive medicine and public health. After spending 6 years in Melbourne, Australia, I now want to contribute to build a framework of preventive medicine by utilizing epidemiological information and computer-aided diagnostic system in Yamagata. Now we are a research team of 3 research assistants, 3 visiting doctors, and 1 PhD student. Please feel free to contact us. We always look for opportunities to collaborate in clinical epidemiology, biostatistics, public health, and retinal image analysis!