Takehito Kikuchi

Takehito Kikuchi Address
210 (North) in 2nd bldg. of Department of Engineering, Yamagata Univ.
TEL&FAX +81-238-26-3892
E-mail t_kikuchi [--at--] yz.yamagata-u.ac.jp
Post Feb.01.2010 —
Key Words
Rehabilitation Robotics, Mechatronics, Functional Material, Human-Friendly
Research Interests
I have ever developed some intelligently controllable ankle-foot orthoses (i-AFO), an intelligently controllable walking aid (i-Walker), a leg-shaped robot which mimics abnormal motions of brain-injured patients (Leg-Robot), an upper limbs rehabilitation system for stroke patients (PLEMO), muscle training system, and so on.
Rehabilitation is recovery not only of physical functions, but also of social status after diseases or injuries. This means that the rehabilitation robotics deal with robot technologies for recovery of social status from bad situations of patients or elderly people. So, it should include all range of the recovery to the real world. My research focus is gait rehabilitation system, gait support system, power-assist system, and so on. I have developed above mentioned system to assist human life and rehabilitation activities. One of the specialties in my works is utilization of specially designed brake/clutch devices in which several kinds of functional fluids or gels (electro-/magneto-rheological fluid/gel) are used as working materials. These devices are actually developed ourselves and used as torque/force generators of above mentioned robotic systems.