Reiko Kurotani

Reiko Kurotani Address
409A in 8th bldg. of Department of Engineering, Yamagata Univ.
TEL&FAX +81-238-26-3365
E-mail kurotanir [--at--]
Key Words
lung development, lung disease
Research Interests
Our research interest is to understand the mechanisms of lung development and lung diseases. Particularly, we focus on a novel protein secretoglobin 3A2 (SCGB3A2), also called uteroglobin-related protein 1(UGRP1). We expect that our research will certainly contribute to respiratory distress syndrome, pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Methodologically, we mainly use cell biological and molecular biological methods. Since the physical and physiological studies are also important to understand the mechanisms of lung and the diseases, our department is the best place for my research.
I have studied in life science field to contribute to many people since I was a university student. I had misunderstood that engineering and biotechnology would be merely one of tools. However, I understood the necessity of collaboration with chemists, physicists and engineers in our research. Particularly I noticed it to join a big project for development of a drug delivery system using a novel magnetic material. I believe that the good collaboration is essential to arrive at our goal.