Akito Masuhara

Akito Masuhara AddressHomePage 207 in 2nd bldg. of Department of Engineering, Yamagata Univ.
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Post Feb.01.2010 —
Key Words
Organic nanocrystals, nanoparticles, fullerene
Research Interests
Using organic nanocrystals prepared by reprecipitation method, we have tried to fabricate electronic devices such as organic solar cell. In addition, we have fabricated single photon emission nanocrystals and photochromic nanocrystals for photonic applications.
We can fabricate well-defined monodispersed fullerene fine crystals of various sizes and shapes, using a reprecipitation method with simply varying the preparation conditions. To the best of our knowledge, the reprecipitation method is the simplest and most convenient method so far discovered to fabricate fullerene nanocrystals. This method represents the first method concerning the many sizes and shapes of fullerene nanocrystals.

Fig: SEM images of fullerene nanocrystals
prepared by reprecipitation method.